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Bonjour, I am the French Mum who can help you end the mealtimes battles.

Marie-France Laval

Fussy Eater Specialist


Counsellor & Home Economist

BTS de diététique (Clermont-Ferrand Académie)
Conseillère en Economie Sociale & Familiale (Limoges Académie)
Masters of Arts (Humanities)(North London University)

  • Your child won't starve

  • Your child will grow out of it

  • You should relax


Have you heard

But you know that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Why I understand

I have raised 3 children, including one with a very sensitive nose and a propensity to complain about certain foods. I understand how disruptive a fussy eater can be to family life.

Why intervene

To prevent childhood eating habits persisting though to adulthood, along with the associated nutritional deficiencies, it pays to address the problem as early as possible.

How I help parents

I offer practical solutions to reduce the stress and disruption associated with raising a child who is a fussy eater and put them on the right path to developing a healthy relationship with food.

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Georgia L

Melbourne in-home program

Life changing and worth every cent.G

Susan Van Liehout


We sought help from Marie-France due to concerns about our 3 year old daughters limited food intake and lack of variety in her diet. Marie-France was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was very gentle and respectful in her approach, and highly educated and experienced in her field. Marie-France taught us so much about food and the best way to encourage our daughter increase her food consumption and try new foods. We now eat as a family each night which is the highlight of our day and we are so happy to have made this change and the stronger connection it has resulted in with our children. Our daughter is much more open to trying new foods and excited about getting involved in meal preparation and presentation. We highly recommend Marie-France to anyone needing help with their fussy eater, she is amazing! Thank you once again Marie-France.

Emilie Violette


I highly recommend Marie-France! She is very knowledgeable and has given me a plan and strategies so I am less anxious or stressed about meal times. We are seeing improvements with the twins eating and behaving better at mealtimes. Marie-France is also very friendly and warm and makes everyone at ease.

Katie Kelly


I have learnt so much from Marie-France. I used to feel quite stressed preparing meals for my son Archie knowing he would turn his head and refuse to eat. Meal times are much more enjoyable now and Archie is happy to try new foods using the techniques Marie-France has taught me. I would highly recommend her six week in-home program.

Cloe Blanchet


I have a teenager who has always eaten a limited range of foods. Marie France got us to dig dip to understand where his fussy eating came from (he had unsuccessfully done two types of therapies in the past) and she put together strategies for our family. The result is less anxiety and stress around food and a gradual change in eating behaviour. We highly recommend her.

Marie-Elise Prche


Marie France is the perfect person to deal with children. She is really gentle and patient. She came once a week to our house for 6 weeks to help us with Tash who has been a fussy eater since she was 18 months. Now aged 4 Tash would only have chicken, potatoes, pasta and cheese. I was always worried about her not eating vegetables, but yesterday she ate cauliflower for the first time, my husband and I couldn’t believe it. Marie-France told us it will take time, but Tash is progressing quickly. I am so happy to recommend Marie-France, she has given me confidence and a plan that’s working.

Dominique Mitchell


Really enjoyed the class and learnt alot of helpful information about starting solids for my 6 month old. Marie-France was very knowledgeable and it was great to get answers to my questions and concerns making me much more confident with feeding my baby!

Marie Hartigan


I  did a solids workshop with Marie-France, when our baby was 6mths old, it was so useful because the internet is so confusing. Then as my daughter became fussy at 18months, my husband and I did 3 sessions online with Marie-France. Both of us are confident now and we agree with each other on how to handle any eating issues that arise with our toddler. We couldn't be more grateful for the help and sound advice we received.

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