Child Food Nutrition Counsellor

Is your child’s fussy eating an issue that needs to be dealt with? Parents of children who display tendencies towards food aversion, or who create havoc at mealtimes through their behaviour around eating, can suffer needlessly and often in silence and so can children.

The services of a counsellor and a child food nutrition expert is one avenue that parents can pursue to being peace to the dinner table and ensure that their children receive adequate nutrition to thrive and grow into adults who are confident eaters.

Prior to engaging the services of a fussy eater kids counsellor, a parent of a child who is a fussy or disruptive eater, should first establish that professional intervention is required.  

Marie-France, a children's nutritionist and  owner of Fussy Eater Solutions recommends that all parents who feel that their child is a fussy eater should determine via an assessment process, that this is in fact the case.

Fussy Eater Solutions employs a child food nutrition counsellor to assist parents to make this determination. We offer a free 15 minute over the phone assessment.

Should this assessment establish that the problems associated with your child’s fussy eating require professional intervention, we offer programs that call upon the expertise of a fussy eater kids counsellor Melbourne and a children's nutritionist based in Melbourne.

The benefits of having your child assessed to determine if they are a fussy eater include:

  • Knowing whether you need to do something about your child’s fussy eating

  • Being given options that suit your situation

  • Starting the journey to end the mealtime battles.

Some children grow out of fussy eating but extreme fussy eaters can struggle for years and develop into fussy eating adults. These are the children whose well-being and future health will benefit from an early intervention.

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