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A French Dietitian-Nutritionist and Counsellor

Me and Fussy Eater Solutions

 After many years researching fussy eating I launched Kidzeat (now Fussy Eater) in 2009. The meanders of life had me focus on my sister who became ill with cancer. After her passing, I completed a dietitian-nutritionist course in France and relaunched Kidzeat. I am very interested in how cultural belonging, socio-economics, parenting and beliefs around food influence outcomes with feeding children. I have done clinical work on obesity, diabetes, coeliac, dysphagia. 

My Fussy Eater Mission

Issues arising around eating are numerous and may trigger unwarranted stress. Difficulties with fussy eating, confusion around nutrition, demonisation of food and goal settings on size and health, can further impair parents' ability to know what to do and how to do it. Fussy Eater Solutions' philosophy is to be inclusive of your eating culture, personal beliefs, and financial situation. We work together, either through workshops or individual appointments, to help children find pleasure, confidence, and mindfulness in eating. 

Fussy Eaters on the Spectrum

Children on the spectrum often struggle to eat a variety of foods, however I believe they too can enjoy their food.  To this end I support families all over Australia. (read more about NDIS here).


How I help families and kids find pleasure, confidence and mindfulness in eating.

I love meeting parents and sharing what I have learned over many years of researching eating both from a nutritional, behavioural and cultural point of view. 

I understand that being a mum is hard work, I am a mum too. In fact I remember that getting my own kids to eat a variety of foods was not always easy, especially the youngest.  She was one of those fussier children; a child with  an opinion on likes and dislikes and an incredibly sensitive nose! I had to use all my skills to help her develop a confident relationship with eating and food. This inspired me to use my professional and practical knowledge to  help other parents nurture, in their children, a confident relationship with food and feeding fussy eaters, one child at a time. It's a gift for life, and mine to give, I love passing it on!

My bi-cultural take on feeding children

I have raised my children in Australia so I understand our culture and approach to eating. I have also travelled back to France every year, where my children  experienced school, 'la cantine' and our extended family eating culture. I have seen my own kids behave differently at the table and have enjoyed the respite that comes with easier meals. My approach uses the best of both worlds and is tailored around you and your family.

Qualifications and professional development:

1,2,3 Magic and Emotion Coaching (Melbourne)

Infant Feeding Foundations (Melbourne)

Gastrointestinal Issues and Feeding Difficulties, (Melbourne)

ESDM introduction course (Early Start Denver Model, autism)

COSP facilitator (Circle of Security Parenting)(Melbourne)

SOS Feeding Therapy (Melbourne)

Paediatric Feeding and Swallowing Education (Central Queensland University)

Dietitian: BTS de diététique (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Counsellor and Social Worker: Conseillère en Economie Sociale & Familiale (Limoges, France)

Masters of Arts (Humanities)(North London University)


Member of:

Nutrition Australia

GROS: based in France, the association aims to bring overweight and obese patients back to the pleasure of eating, to self-regulation, without guilt, or pressure so they find their set-point.

Centre for mindful eating: promoting mindful eating as a way to help one's body to self-regulate.

French Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists (AFDN)

European Association Of Dietitians








We hold Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance

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